Rwanda Lioness

Ingabire UmuhozaThose that have spoken and interacted with the majority of Banyarwanda in Rwanda, will agree with me that if  genuine elections were to be held today, the winner with a huge majority would definitely be Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.

Her resilience has not only created a true heroin in Rwanda, but  the whole world and has also exposed the autocratic regime of Dictator Paul Kagame, plus weaknesses among opposition political elites that are mostly men. She’s the only leader that was able to unite different walks of Banyarwanda. However, since her incarceration, we find that this unity is no more among opposition groups. Instead what we have are endless squabbles and egos.

Victoire Ingabire UmuhozaThe courage of Madam Ingabire is yet to be matched by any political leader, she’s a true Lioness!

The political opposition of Rwanda has failed to build on what Victoire Ingabire started and are busy shamelessly dismantling it, and instead building fantasies. They preach unity but there’s nothing yet to show on the ground.What is so absurd is the characteristic of  a self-styled official opposition(RNC) leadership, they have failed to see the big picture. Here what I mean; they tend to shy away from speaking to all Banyarwanda of all walks-i.e its well known that the majority of Banyarwanda listen and participate in discussions broadcasted on Radio Ijwi Ryarubanda.

The community work being done on Ijwi Ryarubanda deserves a big thumb-up!

However, people like Rudasingwa Theogene and Kayumba Nyamwasa have been requested many times to come and speak to Banyarwanda but they refused and instead termed it a court. Meaning that they can’t speak to Simeone the Moderator of the radio-Please, even a child can tell that Simeone is a devil’s advocate and a good one-fearing to come to speak to Banyarwanda because Simeone holds certain views, just shows how immature your politics is.

The problem is not Simeone’s as he does not hold the minds of all Banyarwanda, but those that shy away to come and debate with him. How are you going to convince all Banyarwanda that you’re capable of challenging Dictator Paul kagame when you can’t even debate with a devil’s advocate?? Instead what you’re doing is proving that you have a problem with Hutu that have a different mindset from yours. Maybe that works in Military political doctrine, but not in civilian democratic politics as freedom of thought is paramount.

What they have failed to understand is that, they’re their own worst enemies-they assume that comfort can only be found by hanging around old comrades.This is a very wrong way of seeing things as those old comrades are the ones likely to sell you to Pilato-diversify  in your way of operating and you’ll see a big change.

The other issue is that of political leaders who fail to sacrifice information and instead publish books to sell to Banyarwanda. Are these people really serious??

I’m not being hard on anyone as its better to point out your weaknesses than pretend that everything is very merry.

Now, what is the benefit to opposition politics when Banyarwanda elite can fail to create a united front and instead form splinter political entities that have no political clamor but chatter boxes?? This is very absurd when the political elite fails to sort-out its house and  expects to clean Pilato’s??

We shall continue fighting for Victoire Ingabire’s freedom as she’s the only one that has proven to us that she’s a true leader and not a mediocre.

We have not ruled out using the Gun to show Dictator Paul Kagame the Exit door, as every single day that political prisoners continue to languish in Pilato’s prisons, our hearts ache with more pain.

Joram Jojo


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