Andrew Mwenda

Andrew Mwenda In a Gay Relationship with Yoweri Museveni’s Son

Andrew Mwenda
The short description one can give Andrew Mwenda, is his egoism and arrogance-self-importance, being over-simplistic,superficial and vane. He takes himself to be the alpha & omega of knowledge and in brief-he believes,”he is always right and 95% of Ugandans wrong and not intelligent.
The sexual orientation of Andrew Mwenda, has been known since his senior five at Busoga College Mwiri in Uganda(a Boys secondary college) by students that lived in the same house (Willis) with him. At the time, his term for male intercourse with other men was called Menvu(bananas). Please, don’t think that if a man is married to a woman he can’t be gay.

Andrew Mwenda
It has not been that easy to write this post as for a very long-time, I was in self-denial to see the hypocrisy that former Monitor journalist Andrew M. Mwenda keeps peddling. The problem that led to turning a blind eye to his private life, was the expectation from him to one day come out of the closet.But as his people have decided to pass a dangerous law that will put the lives of our brothers and sisters in grave danger, I presume that, Its the right-time for the truth to be told.

Just like most Ugandans, I looked up to Andrew Mwenda as a promising journalist and a Human rights activist that understood and felt the plight of our people. But as the saying goes,” Never be blinded by a Big Ass” Andrew Mwenda came across as an intelligent boy that cared a lot for the people of Uganda, and if it meant sacrificing his life, he would have done it without a doubt.
The open verbal criticism of Dictator Museveni’s patronage autocracy, inspired and gained him respect in different parts of Uganda and the region. However, everything that was said and done by him at the time, was just an act meant to cover-up his Gay relationship with Museveni’s son, Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba
Muhoozi Kainerugaba
When Mwenda was arrested on August 11, 2005 for statements he made on radio on the death of Sudan’s John Garang, Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba visited him at the CID headquarters in Kampala, and everyone wondered the game that was being played.

But what the Uganda public had not been told, is the type of relationship between Andrew Mwenda and Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba(Museveni’s son) apart from being maternal cousins, they were gay lovers, and their relationship blossomed to the heights, when Andrew Mwenda was an undergraduate at Makerere university.

When Andrew Mwenda was in Lumumba Hall at Makerere University, he stayed in his own room when he was still a first-year student, something which indicated that he had strong connections to the regime.
Though he later became engaged to Janet Kainembabazi Kataha’s (Mrs Museveni)cousin, FiFi-it din’t stop Andrew Mwenda from enjoying Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba fat Bums.

Instead of coming-out of the closet and being a role model for other Gays in Uganda, the opportunistic Andrew Mwenda used the Museveni’s as a sexual tool to build a career for his sister Margaret Muhanga and his brother Kayanja in the intelligence service. To even make matters interesting, Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba invited Andrew Mwenda to Mweya Safari Lodge where he had gone for his honeymoon with his new wife, Charlotte Kuteesa.

The source confirms that Charlotte became upset with the endless hugs Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba kept giving Mwenda-in other words, she became jelous as women can easily detect things hidden in a closet.
The three flew back together on board an army helicopter to Kampala-little pricks messing up with other people’s lives!

Though,Andrew Mwenda describes his relationship with dictator Museveni being parental to him, I doubt if the same criminal dictator would be smiling if he knew that his child,Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba has always been Gay and doing Menvu(bananas)with Andrew Mwenda.

At this point, I can appeal to Andrew Mwenda to come out of the closet and let Ugandans know that he is Gay and they should respect his human rights. For Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba, its up to him and his daddy Yoweri Museveni to do the right thing and apologise to the gay community.
Andrew Mwenda
The opportunistic nature and instincts of Andrew Mwenda, got him closer to former Rwanda’s head of External Intelligence, the late Col. Patrick Karegeya during the height of tensions between Uganda and Rwanda, Andrew Mwenda caught the attention of Dictator Paul Kagame-as he has a talent in opportunism.
After he quit The Monitor news paper at a time when the late Col. Karegeya had fallen out with Kagame, Andrew Mwenda was thought to be feeding Kagame with information pertaining to the movements and activities of Rwanda dissident soldiers. The run away officers had to cut off all links with Andrew Mwenda. Later, using his propaganda so called Independent magazine, he openly took up the task of whitewashing criminal Paul Kagame’s Blood of innocent people. Thus, receiving a monthly salary of $15,000 in a public relations campaign.
It is believed he brokered a deal that saw relations between Museveni and Kagame rejuvenated to the period they funded and supplied M23 militia out-fi.
Andrew Mwenda
The likes of Andrew Mwenda are what are referred to in the intelligence world as Agents Provocateurs. They disguise as ardent critics so as to attract, trap and compromise (expose) dissenters.
That is why Andrew Mwenda is the only journalist who can say things on radio or publish them in his propaganda newspaper-the Uganda independent, that nobody else in Uganda dare say or write in public.

Now you can understand why criminal Paul Kagame uses and buys Mwenda’s connections to Museveni’s House to probe him on what is taking place in his palace. They meet regularly on Skype and sometimes Andrew Mwenda is hosted in the most expensive hotels at the expense of the Rwandan government-Maybe Andrew Mwenda has feelings for Pilato (Paul Kagame),soon we shall catch them.

To be continued

Virunga Mountains Observer Team