Yoweri Museveni

The Plight of Uganda Gays

Yoweri Museveni
Those that understand the criminal mindset of Dictator Museveni, can confirm that his cowardly nature is always camouflaged behind the gun. The signing of the Anti Gay Law was not an accident, but a well calculated maneuver that has been in the works for sometime. The use of simplistic reasoning that its science and the preservation of African values that led him to endorsing the dangerous Law, is utterly nonsensical.

I don’t think Homophobia is an African value but an acquired syndrome of the mind-African values are about Love and tolerance, assisting those in need,protecting and defending defenseless people,celebrating diversity and living in harmony with nature. To me these are the values that should be enjoyed by everyone, and not some half baked gutter values.
Yoweri Museveni
The use of Gays to brush-away Dictator Museveni’s criminality and mismanagement in Uganda and neighboring countries is indeed pathetic. When he uses the term mercenary to describe the plight of Gay people,just shows you the amount of hate he harbors towards defenseless people. What Criminal Yoweri Museveni is doing, is playing the usual pathetic card he normally uses,that of blaming the victim-its on record Criminal Museveni being the top dog mercenary on the African continent-in the Democratic Republic of Congo,Somalia,Central African Republic,Sudan,and Rwanda is were he has mastered his boot-licking trade.

However, the blame should not be put on Dictator Museveni alone,as Homophobia politics in Uganda has a wider dimension.The very people that are responsible for furnishing the Ugandan dictatorship and employing him as a trotting mercenary,are the ones that pamper the repressive regime in Uganda.

The way I know and understand Criminal Museveni’s cowardice nature, in-spite of global outrage condemning the proposed anti Gay Law- is the hurry, PR, and confidence to sign it. The cowardly endorsement was engineered and supported by religious fundamentalist both local and international. The way the dangerous Law was maneuvered, just shows you that a nasty clique of people wanted to bring Uganda to its knees, as they’ll be able to carry out their criminality withought transparent foreign organisations breathing above their necks.

What we’re very likely to witness in Uganda, is more persecution carried out on Gays,their relatives,friends,neighbors,etc. on malice and trumped up charges as has been the case with terrorism laws.
The inward investment to Uganda will definitely dwindle and Uganda will be left to the mercy of Criminal Museveni and his phony investors-that will have nothing viable to invest, but milking Uganda dry-Ohh, Museveni’s oil will soon be flowing to any fool!
Thus,since day one-Gays have been part of our society and are not about to disappear-if anything they’ll get stronger and more radicalised to defend their rights as the support for them and not their private life(what they do in their bedrooms), is enormous.

The lack of a radical mindset and using a simplistic attitude towards confronting pressing issues that affect Ugandans as a whole, is what has led to the betrayal of Gays by their nasty leadership and band of cronies. The failures of the leadership in Uganda to tackle pressing issues, ie. Endemic corruption,Chronic mismanagement of public institutions,Mental backwardness and ignorance,White collar crime,Bribery and self grandiose through(PR),Rapes, Child sacrifices, Out-of control Patronage culture,Run-down infrastructure,etc. are now being used to persecute the gay community.

The nasty propaganda that has been peddled to discredit and tarnish Gays in Uganda-thus incitement of hatred towards another group of people because of who they’re and can’t fend for themselves, is a criminal offence under international Law, and those responsible should be hunted down and brought to book.

The hatred and empowerment of vigilantes by the State against Gays, is a very dangerous precedent that legalises mob justice. The No care attitude on what might happen to Gays, and the consequences that might befall Uganda are being underestimated. Yes, I can understand some straight people thinking that the anti-Gay law has nothing to do with them and that everything will be great, very Wrong!

The persecution of gays affects every Uganda both at home and diaspora-being known to hate other people and infringing their human rights, is a bad thing that follows you wherever you go, just like the Nazis,etc. To this day, those Germans born still carry the burden of Nazi hate and ignorance. We all have relatives,friends,colleagues,professionals,neighbors,etc.that are Gay-Just like we would want our rights to be respected,their rights and freedoms too, should be respected and defended by any means necessary.

The Jubilation by a certain section of Ugandans and feeling proud because Gay rights have been infringed by Criminal Museveni, is a sign of backwardness that needs urgent clinical help.

The one thing that I’m asking from the Gay community, is to proudly stand tall and keep the fire burning as laws made by War criminals like Yoweri Museveni, are null and Void.