Mary Karoro Okurut

Mary Karoro Okurut’s Big Mouth

Mary Karoro OkurutThe interest in this woman by criminal yoweri Museveni wasn’t her brains for writing childish literature,but her inborn genes of submission to endless malicious gossiping.Thus,Mary Busingye has always used gossiping as a form of empowerment-by gossiping maliciously about other people,made her feel important and intelligent-though her academic life has always been based on Plagiarism.
Mary Karoro OkurutThis type of tendency in a person, is what Dictator Museveni craves the most in people, as it becomes easy to exploit them and gather information on the cheap, without spending a fortune on greedy intelligence operatives.

Mary Karoro OkurutThe main task that was given to Mary Busingye, more commonly known as Mary Karooro Okurut- was that of gathering information on Winnie Byanyima and Betty Bigombe, to make it short, the dictator used to fuck all the three women.

Mary Karoro OkurutIts believed that the sexual relationship with Betty Bigombe ended when she endlessly demanded to be officially married, and not something on the side, as it was making her feel suicidal. Don’t worry readers, we shall feature the bitch very soon and her betrayal of the Acholi people.

Mary Karoro OkurutThe uganda media always feeds us with stage-managed photos from the so called NRM retreat to kyankwanzi, but we’re never told what really takes place apart from Malwa type of journalism.

The kyankwanzi retreat is more of a holiday and many Uganda Parasites(NRM men) love it so much as there’s always one character of interest, that sends them to bathrooms to play with soap and Magazines.

Mary Karoro OkurutMary Karoro has been known for flashing her fat expired twat, in order to get attention. What I’m trying to say is that, its Mary’s twat that takes NRM slimes to Kyankwanzi and nothing else. If you want, you can say that Mary Karoro’s ideology of flashing her puzz(sorry for the typo) is a psychological form of rape- according to my spotter,there’s always endless whispering…murmuring n’ coughing..among NRM chimpanzee’s at kyankwanzi;Gwe..Gwe..,Wewe…weeeewe..wewe..Bro…Bro,kubayo torch tosumagila.. Comrade, then another Chimp answers back…nagishopinze…kuva jana….ayaya…ya..

To be continued

I can’t just end without letting you into what is in store for my lovely people…
Amama MbabaziAs the Uganda monolithic media has been trying to turn the public away from the real issues that affect them and instead propagating the Godfather of NRM thieves, Karya sowani, Amama Mbazi as if we give a toss!

Amama MbabaziAfter arrogantly and pathetically turning down a civilised interview with me, I decided to use Psycho analysis methodology to interview him. Don’t miss it as the old bug deserves to be played fair n’ square.

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