Yoweri Museveveni

The Half-baked Uganda Rights

Yoweri MuseveveniThe Bill of rights should be entrenched in the Uganda constitution. The absence of this right should not stop the citizens of Uganda from breaking the law to make a political statement.

This does not necessarily mean that they do not expect any legal consequences to follow, it may simply mean that they assert a right to conscientiously break a law but are prepared to suffer the prescribed consequences.

Yoweri Museveveni

The rights of Ugandans should not deter them to overthrow a dictatorial government using Arms or other means.

However, Dictator Yoweri Museveni’s scrubbers, like the phony prime mister of Uganda, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda warning the youth,that they should never protest when their government has failed to fix roads,is utterly nonsensical.

When the youth demand the right to employment,society should support their cause and not exploit them.We see it every-time,politicians mainly from the opposition pouncing at every misfortune of the Uganda youth,to make political capital.

The Uganda politicians should be reminded that democracy is not just a set of institutions or rules, but a daily cultural practice-robust debates about the nature and theory of democracy is essential for the health and maintenance of the culture of democracy.This is also why a healthy awareness of participatory democratic rights is needed if we’re not to slide into majority tyranny, as is already the case in Uganda.

The election of parliamentary representatives is a more minimal concept of democracy-It is not worthless,as it deters a state to slide into totalitarianism.

To be continued…..

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