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The Uganda Youth Continue to Suffer, at the Hands of a thieving Criminal Regime

Our Uganda Youth, Continue to Suffer- at the Hands of a thieving, Criminal and backward Regime, led by Criminal Yoweri Museveni-Sometimes Known as Kayibanda. Though, immoral websites that publish hardcore porn and Gambling cons-Illuminati to phoney witch-doctors and christian fundamentalism self styled messiahs,etc. continue to flood Uganda, unabated.

Donald trump

But for a child to chat with her/his grandma, or for the independent entrepreneur, to give customer care and feedback over social media, its considered- immoral and bad for Ugandan Children and business  start-ups. Pathetically -claims Criminal Yoweri Museveni and his parasitic  inner circle!!

Its disgusting when the NRM elite class, gang up against the Ugandan Youth, while most of them, are so cheap. To the extent-were, they steal bed-sheets,towels,spoons,forks,soap,etc from hotels and lodgings.  To date, over ten international 5 star hotels, don’t want to have Ugandan officials, as their guests- as small items, always go missing from their hotels.

We salute all the young people that are joining People Power in Thousands. People Power are your only, True friends!

Joram Jojo