Bobi Wine

Uganda Freedom Fighter

The entire Uganda nation was devastated, to hear the sad news of Comrade Yasin Kawuma’s death in Arua. Rest in Peace, Freedom Fighter!! Please, Know that our thoughts and Salat are with his Family at this difficult time.

The brutal death of Comrade Yasin, could have been avoided if our nation had a caring and not a selfish-criminal leader. The cold Murder was carried out by Criminal Yoweri Museveni’s criminal outfit, the So called special forces.

Yoweri Museveni

We are so sorry to hear about the loss of Comrade Yasin Kawuma. He was a fantastic individual who will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him!!

We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.

May Allah (SWA) in his mercy, grant him rest, may his grave be a part of Jannatul Firdaus and an abode of light. May Allah make him pass successfully in all the stages of the life after death.
May Allah (SWA). grant you and your family sabr (sabar) in this difficult time, and reward you with Khair both in this world and the next. .

What really happened?

After all political rallies had ended, and everyone decided to use the same narrow road to go home. Its during that moment ,the people power bumped into criminal Yoweri Museveni, and verbally abused him, and no object, was thrown at his motorcade. The criminal was safely seen off at Arua Airstrip by his Special Forces criminal outfit.

Then later, the Special Forces came back to the town centre, and went on rampage, violently assaulting anyone they came across, and all using the same slogan ” Why did you embarrass the President… Why did you try to stone him….”. No mention of why did you stone him! The violence used against members of the public, Journalists, etc. was unacceptable-they were carrying out, someones orders..

Its the same Special Forces thugs, that shot Comrade Yasin, dead in a packing-lot! After killing him, they forcefully entered the hotel where, the People’s President and the team was , and violently harassed them. If the hotel didn’t have other people. they would have killed Bobi Wine on the spot.

After being kidnapped and tortured, the criminal regime decided to plant bogus charges on him, for possession of firearms. If many of you remember, the police mouth piece-Emilian Kayima did first claim that, Mze Wadri had been found with a Pistol and not our Bobi.

So where did the so called firearms come from. and why din’t Police mouthpiece, mention about other firearms found with Bobi Wine?? Of course, Criminal Yoweri Museveni’s outfit planted them, and that’s what they always do, to political opponents- they always victimise in West Nile and northern Uganda…same..same old bogus evidence!

We would also like to take this moment to extend our solidarity to all Political Prisoners, that were brutally kidnapped from Arua. We extend our sympathetic support to their families. Be strong!!

We’ve approached the Diplomatic community to use their influence, and secure the Freedom of Our leader, Bobi Wine and all political prisoners.

We also Salute Ugandans from all walks of life, that have single handed carried out their Activism…posting videos,writing,demonstrations,etc. Keep the Fire burning…Teli Kuzikiza, nakyi?? Naro!!!!!!!!!!

We also thank the legal fraternity, that have tirelessly mobilised themselves, to secure the freedoms of all political prisoners. We can’t forget to thank the Parliamentarians that put their work on hold, and made long journeys to various military barracks.

People Power!! Our Power!!

Joram Jojo