Yoweri Museveni

Yoweri Museveni addiction of Killing innocent Ugandans

The addiction of Killing innocent Ugandans by Murderer Yoweri Museveni, Can only be stopped, if his put out of Action. This can be done at our time of choosing.

We also call upon sceptical Ugandans to stop calling their fellow country Men and women cowards!!

If Ugandans had stubbornly taken to the streets in masses, Criminal Yoweri Museveni had planned a blood bath, and also poison the water reservoir at Gaba and Nakasero.

Yoweri Museveni

The reason why Ugandans didn’t take to the streets in a mass protest, is because we stopped them, after learning of the mass murder. The blame would have been put on ADF infiltrators.

If many of you remember, Murderer Yoweri Museveni had become so desperate, to the extent, he was personally running his own propaganda machine, to ordering Killings and beatings of Ugandans, etc. Basically, he had become possessed like an ageing vampire running short of Blood to suck,

Yoweri Museveni

We had to be responsible, and preserve the masses for a surprise, and final Mass protest that will uproot the Vampire from Uganda.

However, the light strikes gave us a clear picture, of how we need to prepare for the final battle.

We Salute our Neighbours from South Sudan, DR Congo, Kenya and Tanzania, that showed their true Pan African Spirit, towards Ugandans, during their hour of Need!

Thank you very much for your Solidarity!! We now know, our true Neighbours!!!!!!!!!!

The People Power Struggle, Continues!!!

People Power! Our Power!!!

Joram Jojo