Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine long journey to Freedom

The thing that most people out there, might be wondering, is whether Bobi Wine will throw in the towel, and abandon the long journey to Freedom.  Will he compromise his values and surrender to Criminal Yoweri Museveni??

We doubt very much, as Bobi Wine did not wake up one morning, and decided to join politics. Its the environment he was brought-up in, that planted the conscience root into him.

When he travelled the Country, he could see the same environment of hopelessness, abandonment, injustices, etc. Thus, all Ugandans were facing the same plight of abuse by their oppressors masquerading as a government.

Its very true, our elite class don’t care about ordinary Ugandans, they see you as a thing to be exploited, both economically and politically. In short, its about the exploited and exploiter.

The people’s President was very aware of those injustices, and from a distance, you could feel his pain. Its not surprising, in the quest to Free Uganda from the chronic injustices, he was prepared to face the brutal regime in a peaceful and democratic way.  He was prepared to be imprisoned, and that’s why,  wherever he went, he always read Comrade Nelson Mandela’s Journey to Freedom. That inspired him, and to this moment, its his motivation after God!!

However, he didn’t anticipate, the regime to brutalise him and other Peaceful Freedom fighters.

We still Demand for His Freedom and all political prisoners.

Down with Oppressors!!!

Long live People Power!!

Joram Jojo