Uganda Political Corruption Report, Part 1

In our theme of Uganda Political Corruption report. We shall dig deep to why things are the way they’re, and who’s the real Yoweri Museveni. Is he what he says he is or we’re dealing with a fraudster??

Most Ugandans have failed to understand that Criminal Yoweri Museveni has never been a strong leader, but a despotic leader.  Most despotic leaders tend to have freeloading wives, a horde of parasitic relatives, and officials. They mostly rely on brutality, corruption, and manipulation to entrench themselves in power.Yoweri MuseveniWhat is very interesting, Criminal yoweri Museveni  shares much with a despotic French King, called Louis XIV(14th). He had a freeloading wife, and a horde of over-privileged aristocrats.

Just like Criminal Yoweri Museveni, he travelled with a bowl/pot to shit in. What is even very interesting, the Noble (Afande)  that carried the pot of faeces every morning from the despotic King’s bedroom and emptied it. He initially bought- paid for the job to have that privilege to carry the shit. In-fact he boasted about it when socialising in bars.

Also despotic Louis the 14th, had someone in charger of the bedroom, similar to Uganda state house comptroller. The house comptroller of despot Louis  could siphon off money from the purchase of candles, curtains, sheets, etc, Also the house comptroller was good at spreading gossips and creating divisions among aristocrats.

Most Nobles bought their jobs, and this was the root cause of over taxation and obscene corruption, that would  lead to the French Revolution.

I’ll make the Political Corruption Report in many series, as not to exhaust people with long texts…. There’s so much to talk about and it’ll open your eyes the way you see the world. For instance, King Louis XIV(14th) never had a bathe for many years, as the French aristocrats believed that if he did, his powers would be washed away by water…Oh dear, dear!

To be Continued

Joram jojo