Yoweri Museveni

The Nationalistic character of Uganda

As long as Ugandans continue to let the same clique of gas bags (politicians) decide their destiny, then nothing will change. Ugandans will continue to be played between the bourgeois circles  and monarchists. Thus, the Nationalistic character of Uganda will continue to be torn apart, by political leeches from Kizza Besigye and Yoweri Museveni’s parasitic Camps.

Kizza Besigye

The Free Uganda Political Organisation, will never be in bed, nor do deals with known parasites. We shall never sell our fatherland Uganda, in order to please a particular tribe, Political class, Religious group ,etc. We shall continue to pursue a Nationalistic tendency that unites all Ugandans.

Its very true, Uganda has to be liberated from Criminal Yoweri Museveni’s dictatorship, but it doesn’t mean that, we have to make concession-deals with a known opposition dictator, in order to achieve the objective of liberating Uganda. Because mainstream politicians don’t make revolutions, but hinder or slow them.

What Ugandans should understand, a political party having more opposition MPs in parliament, is no big deal. Because the majority of Members of Parliament, are Parasites and they don’t represent your interests, but their own interests. That’s why they’ll vote for anti Ugandan legislation, and later part each other on the back. A true Nationalistic, would not go back to that whorehouse to sell Ugandans, but walk away from it. That’s why the leader of that whorehouse is worshipped like a voodoo god!

Thus, all gas bags (Politicians) are desperate positioning themselves, to defend their bread and butter. That’s why their team will continue to have Betty Nambooze as the goal keeper, Ken Lukyamuzi defender, Elias Lukwago Winger, Mubarak Munyagwa Striker , Ingrid Kamateneti Midfield,  Patrick Amuriat reserve, etc. To even make matters worse, its them that will decide which players to be fielded.

However, our struggle will go on unhindered, as we work for Ugandans and not individuals. We shall also continue to prepare our people for an Organic Revolution that will belong to them, and not a particular tribe or political Class.

Free Uganda!

Viva Uganda!!

Joram Jojo