Capitalism in uganda

The Ugly face of Capitalism in uganda

The Ugly face of Capitalism in uganda: The price one pays for hobnobbing with a capitalist parasite!
This type of humiliation, has become the culture in Uganda under the occupation of NRM criminal outfit.
As long as Uganda continues to be under capitalism, Ugandans will always be pathetic beggars. That’s why the Uganda political scene is now swarmed with briefcase politicians.

The fact remains, most of the infrastructure we have in Uganda today, is the result of the Common man’s charter (socialist system) implemented by Comrade Milton Apollo Obote’s government.
So, Socialism is the only system that has ever developed Uganda.

As long as we continue to entertain capitalist gangsters, the African continent will continue to be humiliated by capitalism and its collaborators.

Uganda will never be Free till the Parasitic Capitalistic system is dismantled.

Free Uganda